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Our Standard or Braided Hydraulic Hoses meets SAE Domestic and DIN International Standards.. Our braided hydraulic hoses are are made at a US-based manufacturer with a worldwide scope.They are compatible with major hydraulics brands such as Gates, Parker, Weatherhead and Aeroquip.. These hoses are ideal for nearly any hydraulic applciation. They …

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tighter bend radius of our wire-braided hoses… to the wide fluid compatibility and high pressure performance of our No-Skive spiral hoses… our expanded family of abrasion-resistant hoses gets the job done right, giving you the results you need in the construction, forestry, mining, injection molding, refuse and recycling, and energy industries. Hose basics Everything you …

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4.4 Minimum bend radius 6 4.5 Accelerated ageing 6 4.6 Fatigue test 6 4.7 Test rig preparation 7 4.8 Construction 8 4.9 Commissioning 8 4.10 Operating practice 8 4.11 Hose leakage 9 4.12 Bending and pressure test 9 4.13 Summary 9 5 QUALITY CONTROL 10 6 INFORMATION 11 6.1 Marking of hose asselies 11 6.2 Installation information 11 6.3 Packaging 11 Table 1: …

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Vibration-Resistant Water Hoses With Flanges. This type of hose is also known as pump hose connectors. These hoses are sized to a specific length for attaching to pumps. Its flexible braided construction absorbs vibration to reduce wear and tear on equipment. To connect the pump connector hoses you need to bolt two same-size flanges together. You will also need a gasket …


S Series: ISO 10380 Qualified. Construction: Closed Pitched 321 and 316L stainless steel hose with 304 Braid. Withstands full vacuum and pressure as listed. Very flexible and durable. S0-321 Hose No Braid. S1-321 Hose and Single Braid. S2-321 Hose and Double Braid. 60 -316L Hose No Braid. 61 -316L Hose and Single Braid.


Resistant to oil. Reinforcement. Two braids of high tensile steel wire. Outer Cover . Blue synthetic rubber resistant to abrasion/oils/ozone and weathering. Temperature Range • Hydraulic oils: -50ºC up to +135ºC occasional peaks up to +150ºC • Polyglycol base oils/water-oil emulsions and water: up to +85ºC • Air: (with Oil mist) up to 135ºC. • Not suitable with dry air

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DAE Hose 10-inch Slurry Hose Asselies are used for the safe transport of a wide range of abrasive or corrosive materials, in addition to slurries with high solids. Our 10-inch slurry hoses are gum-lined with a 150 PSI rating. They are available in 33-foot (10 meters) sections, please let us know the desired length of hose. Quotes will be priced on the full length of hose.

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The helically convoluted design allows for easier draining when compared to other non-PTFE hose types whilst also giving a smaller bending radius allowing the fitment of the product in tighter confines. Available in both PTFE and carbon lined anti-static versions allowing the transfer of all common fluids and gasses used in marine and offshore appliions. - …

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: XUMOSINA Kink Resistant High Pressure Washer Hose Wear-Resistant Ultra Flexible 25FT 1/4”Rate 3200 PSI & Burst 10000 PSI Applicable For Most Brand Washer Hoses Compatible M22 14mm-15mm Thread : Patio, Lawn & Garden

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Bend Radius: The minimum bend radius of a hose is an important factor in hose selection if it will be subject to sharp curvatures in normal use. The bend radius (calculated in a lab environment, appliions may vary) is measured as the distance to the inside edge of the hose (not the center line) when making a 90° bend. When bent at too sharp an angle, the …

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Match the liner size to the conveying pipe size and use a larger metal hose assely. If the assely is to be installed in a bent position, reduce the preceding values as follows: 50% for a 90° bend, 25% for a 45° bend, etc. Motion: Besides calculating the correct live length for various classes of motion using the formula at the end of this

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Special Features: Heat resistant insulation to 1000°F and GSM Ball Joint Armor available in galvanized steel or stainless steel. Part # Hose Dimension Bend Radius PSI Approximate Weight / ID Approximate OD Dynamic Static Working Burst Ft. Lbs. 460E-06 460E-08 460E-12 460E-16 460E-20 460E-24 460E-32 460E-40 460E-48 3/8" ½" ¾" 1" 1-¼" 1-½" 2" 2-½" 3" 52/64" 1 …

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Also available with wear-resistant plastic sheathing. Important Notes: If used as steam-hose: working pressure 203 psi = +200°C. 1) The working pressure and vakuum rating applies to working temperatures from +20°C to + 50°C. Temperature-correction factor (20° / 1,0), (100° / 0,95), (150° / 0,90), (200° / 0,83). 2) Depends on temperature and medium. 3) Bend radius is …

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Slurry Hose. Mining Hose. The Slurryflex SF-Series Superflex Hard-Wall Mining Hose is a hard-wall hose used for special installations that require a tight bend radius which can’t be achieved using a standard mining hose. This hose can reach a bend radius of 4–7D. It has an abrasion or chemical-resistant inner layer made from hard-wearing

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9/12/2021· Product Show: This rubber air hose is composed of an inner tube of wear and pressure resistant synthetic rubber, reinforced with one or two layers of high tensile textile cord, and an weather resistant synthetic rubber cover.. Advantages: 1.Selection of synthetic rubber hose with special made, with excellent oil resistance, heat resistance, anti-aging properties.

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AQP High Pressure Hose is ideal for power steering, hydraulics, air, fuel and lubriing oil appliions. It has a blue abrasion resistant fabric cover and an AQP synthetic rubber inner tube. It uses standard steel and brass reusable fittings. Applicable Fittings: High Pressure Fittings. View All. AQP Racing Hose. Especially flexible as compared to other stainless hoses on the …

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The kink resistant hose is designed for extra long wear under normal operating use. 1/2" ID Inner Diameter — 0.50 in. Outer Diameter — 0.94 in. Minimum Bend Radius — 5 in. Inner Tube Material — Type C (Nitrile) Color — Black Hose Reinforcement — Braided, high tensile synthetic textile cord Hose Covering Material — Type A (Neoprene) Temperature range — -40 to 200° …

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High-level oil resistant, wear resistant and aging resistant; Appliion: High-quality oil-resistant hose is anti-static and explosion-proof, wear-resistant, anti-aging, safe and reliable. It is suitable for transporting gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, lubriing oil and others. Technical characteristics: It is used to transport oil products in anti-explosion places. In the aspect of anti

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20/9/2018· Braided hoses have a relatively small minimum-bend radius and do not require much force to bend during routing. While good for flexibility, braided hydraulic hoses can fail when subjected to high-impulse loads. When a hose is suddenly subjected to high pressure, the diameter expands while the length shortens. As a result, the braids, which overlap each other, …

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Vibration-Resistant Low-Pressure Water Hose with Solder-Connect Tube Fittings. Temperature Range: -420° to 450° F. Maximum Vacuum: 29" of Hg @ 72° F. Material: Bronze. Flexible braided construction allows this hose to absorb vibration to reduce wear on equipment. To make a connection, insert the end of a tube fitting into the copper tube on

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Neoprene, oil resistant. Reinforcement: Two high tensile wire braids. Cover: Oil, weather, and flame resistant. Temperature Range: -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F). Part Nuer Hose I.D. Hose O.D. Working Pressure Minimum Bend Radius Weight Coupling inch mmpsi MPa lbs/ft kg/m CM04 1/4 6 0.59 15 6500 448 4 102 0.27 0,40 43/HY

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Ceramic lining is 12 times more wear-resistant than stainless steel Impact resistant - virtually impossible to destroy the ceramic segments Flexible - minimum bend radius is roughly 12 times the hose I.D. Corrosion-resistant - compatible with most chemicals found in slurries Wide variety of end-connections

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Four-wire strength in a two-wire construction delivers a tighter bend radius than traditional rubber hydraulic hoses. Learn more about 590TJ TOUGHJACKET hydraulic hose Designed as a compact, lightweight alternative to traditional water blasting hoses, this lightweight, PVC-free hose creates an ergonomic advantage for operators by reducing friction drag and allowing …

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Raceworks 240 Series Black Nylon Braided PTFE hose is constructed from a PTFE inner tube that is compatible with all fuels, oils, nitrous including brake and clutch fluids. The PTFE tube has a black lightweight outer cover that is durable, and resistant to abrasion and expansion. The Raceworks 220 Series Hose is the best option for use on fuel systems as it won’t allow the …


Super Artery wire braided hose. Tube:CR/NBR synthetic rubber. Reinforcement:braided high tensile super fexible steel wire, one braid impulse reaches 300,000 cycles, two braids reaches 600,000 cycles. OuterLayer:Black glossy anti-aging and non-peeling synthetic rubber layer. Low bending radius:30% lower than SAE/DIN standards.

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Hose Tails. Pirtek ‘P’ Series, Hose Clamps not required and could possibly damage hose. Pirtek ‘T’ Series. Inner Liner. Seamless CPE/AQP rubber. Oil resistant. Reinforcement. One braid of polyester. Outer Cover. Blue CPE rubber. Resistant to oils/ozone/flame and weathering . Temperature Range • -40ºC up to +149ºC hydraulic/transmission oils (petroleum based) & …

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These braided hydraulic hoses are are made at a US-based • Oil-Resistant Rubber Core • 4 or 6 Spiral Layers of High Tensile Steel Reinforcement • Wear Resistant Rubber Cover . Kurt SAE R12 Hydraulic Hoses. Widest Selection of Hose ID Sizes | Tightest Bend Radius of ALL Spiral Hose Selection | 4 Steel Wire Spiral Layers. MasterPressure SAE 100R12 Hydraulic …

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2/9/2020· The Slurryflex SC-Series Specialty Pre-Formed Bend Mining Hose is custom manufactured to your specified angle and bend radius. It can be used to achieve a tighter bend radius than a straight length of SA-Series Hard-Wall Mining Hose. The SC-Series mining hose consists of three layers. An inner layer of hard rubber that’s resistant to abrasion or …

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To resist the longitudinal pressure stress and prevent squirm, corrugated hoses are often constructed with braids wrapping around the outside surface as shown in Fig. 4. The braided cover also protects the corrugation from scratch and wear. The braided hose, similar to a tied expansion joint, cannot accommodate any axial movement. On the other hand, the un-braided …