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16/12/2020· The 25hp has the thu-screws to clamp it on to the transom, but it also has been bolted down. I’d like to remove the transom bolts so I can easily swap motors, but then I’m left with 2 holes in the transom. I can’t just replace the bolts and add fender washers with 5200 and seal them up, because the nut will interfere when hanging the

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2/11/2011· The easiest, least expensive way to drill the holes at 90-degrees if you don''t have a guide would be to make a 90-degree angle out of scrap 2x4''s and clamp it to the transom, using it as a guide to run your drill against as you drill. One leg would be clamped to the transom and the other leg would stick out at a 90-degree angle. Just re-clamp it next to each hole as you drill.

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31/3/2010· My mounting holes were opened up to 3/4" to start insuring a 1/8" epoxy sleve with no chance of break thru. Do as follows, it will never leak. After the holes are drilled, go 2 sizes up and drill again. Chamfer the edges on the inside and outside of holes. Get the transom warm, 80, 90, 100 degrees if possible. Use heat lamps overnight, or

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Not sure what you mean but the proper drilling template has an angle at the top that sits on the transom of the boat and that way the top holes are always the same distance down from the top of the transom. BRP P/N 434367 is the one we have used in the workshop her for about 20 years-I would hate to think how many transom''s that has drilled.

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2/3/2021· Re: Fill a hole in a transom. The holes are actually for the drains that allow water to come out of the wash well. I think they may have drilled the hole beside it because the outboard mounting plate was blocking it. I''ll be putting the new ones attached back in there IMG20210202172529.jpg IMG20210202172534.jpg.

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Provides a template for drilling holes into a new transom; Excellent piece to put inside the transom to reinforce your transom and distribute the weight of the engine more evenly; Dual use! Outside plate dimensions: 15'''' x 14 3/4'''' x 1/4'''' Pre-drilled Hole pattern: 12 7/8 inches across the top two holes; 9 7/8 inches across the bottom two holes

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28/8/2015· I''m about to start drilling up my transom on my Teal 18 ready to mount my outboard (Mariner 60 PTT) and want to make sure I get it right first time. I''ve had a 3mm stainless plate the width of the splashwell opening made, 390mm down the transom and with a 5omm lip that sits over the top of the transom (spreader plate to be fitted inside too). I''ve also made up brass …


IMPORTANT: If using “Transom Drilling Fixture” (part nuer 91-98234A2), use drill guide holes marked “A” when drilling outboard mounting holes. b a a-Centerline of Transom b-Transom Drilling Fixture (91-98234A2) 2. Mark and drill four 17/32 in. (13.5mm) mounting holes. OUTBOARD MOTOR INSTALLATION Page 1D-4 90-859494R1 JUNE 2000 Securing …

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Top holes are a total of 12-7/8" apart, or 6-7/16" from transom centerline. Bottom holes are a total of 9-7/8" apart, or 4-15/16" from transom centerline. This is the universal bolt hole pattern, and applies to all brands of engines (assuming they adopted it), at least 1984 and later, from about 30HP on up to 250HP.

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11/4/2020· These holes have metal sleeves that I assume were pressed/epoxied through the transom. Should I first drill out the metal sleeves before plugging or leave in place. The sleeves are approximately 3/8” What’s the best product to use if: …

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Bennett recommends drilling a 3/4-inch (19-mm) hole in the transom and filling with sealant. I drilled a 5/16-inch (8-mm) hole first and then made a 3/4-inch (19-mm) hole deep enough to hold the 7/16-inch (11 mm) locking nut that holds the hydraulic tubing in place. I just didn''t like the idea of drilling a 3/4-inch (19-mm) hole all the way through the 2-inch (5-cm) thick transom. At this

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23/12/2011· Re: DRILLING HOLES IN TRANSOM Your concern is valid enough for the marine industry to offer an alternative to drilling holes.

You can buy transducer mounting blocks made of plastic or nylon that are about 1/4 or 3/8 thick and about a foot long. These can be glued to the hull with epoxy and then the transducer gets screwed into the

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91- 98234A 2 Transom Drilling Fixture Used to assist drilling of the holes for the outboard engine transom bracket mounting bolts. Mercury/Mariner 30/40 hp. & above (2 cycle), 25 hp. Bigfoot & above (4‑Stroke), and Force 40 hp. & above (1993 and newer).

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31/3/2019· I would fill the old holes with a Glass Fibre filler, buy 1.5mm to 2mm thick stainless steel plate circa 300mm square and cut into shape & attach inside and outside of the transom where the outboard is mounted, drill holes and mount/bolt your engine through SS plate which will act like a huge washer, spreads the load of a heavy engine on a 33yr old transom and …

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19/4/2017· Turboswing installation requires drilling holes in transom? I was looking at getting a Turboswing (curved bar thing for pulling skiers and tubes that attaches to motor attach points) but just found out they require drilling an additional hole through your transom on each side a few inches below the existing upper bolts This may be a deal breaker for me. I really don''t want …

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24/6/2011· Even an outboard installation may require drilling holes in the new transom. Unless you want to repeat this project in the future, you will need to take some care with these holes.

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– allows for unlimited adjustment and fine tuning of your sonar placement on your transom without ever drilling a single hole – can be drilled and re-drilled in case you don’t find the “sweet spot” the first time or change brands of sonar down the road – improves resale value of your boat by not scaring potential buyers away because of the damage of drilling holes in your boat

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Used to assist drilling of the holes for the outboard engine transom bracket mounting bolts. Mercury/Mariner 30/40 hp. & above (2 cycle), 25 hp. Bigfoot & above (4‑Stroke), and Force 40 hp. & above (1993 and newer). Quicksilver is part of the Mercury Marine family of companies. Quicksilver is the premier supplier of Mercury Marine Original Equipment replacement parts …

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28/2/2018· Here is my plan; - find best position for bracket and drill holes through transom and ply backing board - using an epoxy resin with some filler (Epiglass HT450) to give it a very thick consistency. Now plaster the back of the ply with a thick coat (>10mm) of the epoxy and position board in place. Temporarily secure with bolts. Epoxy should squeeze out link vegemite …

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11/2/2019· I ended up drilling 2 small holes through the brackets (one hole on each side of the bracket) to access the inner thread area of the bolts which allowed the PB Blaster to work its way deeper into the entire thread area after I applied the heat. Took a lot of time and patience but I got them out. I plugged the drill access holes with a dab of JB

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7/5/2012· Nearly finished with transom replacement. Details: 1-1/2 in. marine ply encapsulated, faired, covered w/6oz. cloth. I''ve read about drilling oversize motor bolt holes (this is a 50hp outboard), filling w/thickened epoxy, then re-drilling correct size holes—idea being water can never reach wood.

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4/9/2020· Drill four ½ in. (13 mm) mounting holes in the appropriate loions. IMPORTANT: Be sure to drill the required holes perpendicular to transom surface. 40–65 HP, MANUAL TILT MODELS 25–30 HP, MANUAL TILT MODELS 15 HP, POWER TILT MODELS. Center the outboard on the transom (or mounting bracket) and tighten clamp screws by hand. Use each …

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(if the transom is shaky or sometimes bent in an angle is a way to assess strength.) Cut or drill a small hole into the transom (core sample will give a true visual assessment of the internal condition of the transom) Tip*Remeer to grind down the sharp corners to avoid chipping the gelcoat. After the conclusion of the assessment sample. If



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Topic: Drilling Holes In Transom For Engine Mounting: PRESLEY: posted 04-26-2007 12:53 PM ET (US) What is the best way to drill the holes in the transom to mount a outboard? What drill bit should I use? [Do I] need to place wood on each side to keep from chipping? Thanks Robert: Tadpole : posted 04-26-2007 03:01 PM ET (US) Probably the best advice is be sure you drill …

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Steps for the Fiberglass Transom Repair. Drilling out the Holes. In this shot, I drilled out the holes in the hull close to the transom, All of the holes in th transom were drilled out as well . I’ll be using the same technique I used on the inside of the Boston Whaler 13. Basically, I drill out the hole to accomplish two key things. First, I’ll be exposing fresh material which will give

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The Mercury Transom Drilling Fixture 91-98234A2 Tool aids in engine installation by acting as a template for engine mounting holes. This tool can be used on the following two stroke engine boat models: 30/40 2 Cyl. 40-60 30/40 Jet. 75-125 65/80 Jet. …

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24/7/2020· (2) Measure across the transom from strake to strake and make a second mark on the transom face at 1/2 of this measurement. (3) Align a straightedge with the marks on the transom face and draw a line. This is the vertical center-line of the transom for a single engine installation. (4) Drill mounting holes as in a single engine installation.