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Minor Rubber''s extensive compatibility chart will assist in the design and selection of your manufactured rubber product. View now! Go to Navigation Go to Content. Manufacturer of Rubber ProductsSince 1914 (800) 433-6886. News & Events; Blog; About Us; Contact Us; RFQ CART VIEW ALOG. Products. Rubber Grommets. Insulation Grommets; Mil-Spec …

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The most prevalent synthetic rubber is styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) which is derived from a copolymer of 1,3-butadiene (BD) and styrene. SBR has good aging stability and abrasion resistance , and it occupies about half of the market for car tires. Also widely used in tires is butadiene rubber (BR); it is made solely from the BD monomer and shows excellent wear …

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Items. Specifiions. Appearance. White or of- white powder or crystlline power,odorless. Solubility. Very soluble in N,N-Dimethylformamide,Soluble in methanol,Sparingly soluble inglacial acetic acid, Very slightly soluble inchloroform, Practically insoluble in water. Melting Point. 152°C~156°C. Seller Information.

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2", 3", 4" \ 10,000 PSI W.P \ 15,000 PSI TEST Choke and Kill hose Structures: Inner rubber layer: oil-resistant, acid and base resistant and wear resistant synthetic rubber. Reinforced layer: multiple-layer high tensile steel wire wound. Outer rubber layer: oil-resistant, aging-resistant and wear resistant neoprene rubber

UHMWPE Chemical Resistance and Compatibility Chart

UHMWPE Chemical Resistance. 1.No attack, negligible effect 2.Slight attack, reduction in prop. 3.Moderate attack, limited life 4.Material will decompose.. Side by Side Material Comparison Chemical Resistance Chart (Note: Large File)

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Suction & Discharge Hoses: H0060 - ARMOR Corrugated Petrochemical Hose. Tube: UHMW–PE FDA-approved material. Reinforcement: 2-wire braid, dual stainless steel static wire. Cover: Corrugated EPDM. Temp: -40°C to +121°C, (-40°F to +250°F) *Intermittent. Pressure: 35 bar / 500 psi. H0554 - ARMOR Petrochemical Hose.

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hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, caustic soda, benzene, ethyl alcohol, ketones, esters & other chemicals in fertilizer & process plants. (Name of chemical must be indied while ordering.) * Hose Flanges built-in type, as per Table BS, ASA & hose nipples screwed ends assely services also provided. Contact For Quote: HIC INTERNATIONAL CO -Rubber Hoses …

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Chemical resistance PFA. PFA has the advantage to withstand a higher continuous working temperature compared to FEP. Due to melt processability, PFA can be extruded in longer continuous lengths than PTFE. Note: The chemical resistance of each polymer is mainly determined by the chemical structure of the material and the strength of the weakest


Hydraulic Oil (Synthetic) A-Excellent: Hydrazine A-Excellent: ydrobromic Acid 100%H A-Excellent: Hydrobromic Acid 20% A-Excellent: Hydrochloric Acid 100% D-Severe Effect: ydrochloric Acid 20%H A-Excellent: Hydrochloric Acid 37% C-Fair: Hydrocyanic Acid B-Good: ydrocyanic Acid (Gas 10%)H A-Excellent: Hydrofluoric Acid 100% D-Severe Effect

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The force of nature on industrial rubber hoses + Winter season: selecting the right equipment + 30 do''s and don''ts of hose care and use + 8 hose assely installation fails that occur often + Newsletter + Anhydrous Ammonia Hose: Goodall Super Long Life + Serious about Safety: Electrically-Conductive hoses + Tekno SD LITE: A hose with a memory + RESOURCES + …

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It is a synthetic rubber that resists many hydrocarbons, biodiesel, and petro chemicals, but is NOT compatible with ketones. Do not use Viton with acetone, esters, amines, organic acids, acetic acid, MEK, ethyl acetate, highly polar chemicals, etc. The following information is available from DuPont: Heat Viton withstands high temperature better than most other elastomers, and …

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Main Products. Ocelot Rubber&Plastic is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of rubber products such as hydraulic brake asselies, sand blasting, steam, compressed air, dilute acid and alkali resistant rubber hoses, high pressure hoses, metal hoses and other rubber products.

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CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY. MATERIAL COMPATIBILITY. Use the dropdowns below to search by chemical , material or both. 1. CHEMICAL. Select a Chemical Acetaldehyde Acetate LMW Acetic acid <5% Acetic acid >5% Acetic anhydride Acetone Acetonitrile Acetyl bromide Acetyl chloride Air Aliphatic hydrocarbons Aluminum chloride Aluminum sulfate Alums Ammonia

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Here is the rubber compatibility chart that rates all popular rubber materials that comes into contact with various chemicals. Use this rubber chemical resistance chart to make sure that the elastomer or O-ring seal you choose will be compatible with the particular environment. The chemical compatibility of rubber is extremely important as the rubber can degrade rapidly if …

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suitability of a rubber hose for the intended applica-tion, particularly in the presence of dangerous or polluting chemical products or when using the hose at elevated pressures and/or temperatures. Continuous use at the highest allowed pressures and temperatures dramatically reduces the service life of a rubber hose. After use hose must be emptied out and washed down. Many …


Glycolic Acid A-Excellent: Gold Monocyanide A-Excellent: Grape Juice D-Severe Effect: Grease D-Severe Effect: Heptane B-Good: Hexane B-Good: Hydraulic Oil (Petro) A-Excellent: Hydraulic Oil (Synthetic) A-Excellent: Hydrazine B-Good: Hydrobromic Acid 100% D-Severe Effect: Hydrobromic Acid 20% D-Severe Effect: Hydrochloric Acid 100% D-Severe Effect

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The synthetic rubber offers great resistance to acids, petroleum products etc. 9. Its properties such as hardness, strength, abrasion, resistance etc., can be modified to the desired extent by compounding techniques. ADVERTISEMENTS: 9. When two fresh surfaces of milled rubber are pressed together, they coalesce to form a single piece. This property (known as tackiness) of …

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3/1/2017· Hydrochloric acid synthetic is a chemical compound which is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride gas. It has strong corrosive properties, a strong, irritating odour, and colourless to pale yellow. Hydrochloric acid synthetic grade is produced by direct synthesis of elements - burning chlorine in hydrogen and then absorbing hydrogen chloride into water. Hydrochloric …

Chemical Compatibility Reference Chart

Acetic Acid D-Severe Effect Acetic Acid 20% D-Severe Effect Acetic Acid 80% C-Fair Acetic Acid, Glacial D-Severe Effect Acetic Anhydride D-Severe Effect Acetone D-Severe Effect Acetyl Bromide D-Severe Effect Acetyl Chloride (dry) C-Fair Acetylene A1-Excellent Acrylonitrile B1-Good Adipic Acid A2-Excellent Alcohols: Amyl A2-Excellent Alcohols: Benzyl D-Severe Effect …


Synthetic Rubber •Most synthetic rubbers are produced from petroleum by the same polymerization techniques used to synthesize other polymers •Unlike thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers, which are normally supplied to the fabrior as pellets or liquid resins, synthetic rubbers are supplied to rubber processors in the form of large bales

Guide to Impact of Chemicals on EPDM Rubber

Guide to Impact of Chemicals on EPDM Rubber. This guide will help in assessing the impact different chemicals may have on EPDM rubber. This data has been compiled by other reputable sources and is to be used solely as a guide in selecting EPDM or determining it''s durability and resistance to chemical exposure.

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Industrial Hose Parker Hannifin Corporation Industrial Hose Division T Strongsville, OH Chemical Resistance Guide for Silicone Hose KEY: A = Good Resistance B = Fair Resistance C = Poor Resistance X = Not Recommended I = Insufficient Information This tabulation is based on tests and on generally available sources, and believed to be reliable. This must be used only as a …

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Upload Order. Enter the Blackwoods part nuer and quantity required, then click Add To Cart. Add To Cart. Paste up to 40 Blackwoods part# and quantity using the following format: 03656589,10. 04276502,5. Please follow the format , . Add To Cart. Please upload file with up to 80 parts based on the format provided: Order

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11-1 Parker Hannifin Corporation alog PH001/NA Hose 11 Hose Overview Chart HOse Overview CHart Hose size Hose reinforcement working Pressure (psi) standard temp. –4 –5 –6 –8 –10 –12 –16 –20 –24 –32 –40 range °F sae isO eN

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Viton is a high performance synthetic rubber. The tubing offers a wide range of both temperature and chemical resistance Viton Tube is used in appliions such as appliances, chemical transfer, hot lubriion feeds, o-rings and seals, fuel and oil lines, cable jacketing, exhaust lines, solvent transfer, and peristaltic pumps. ORDER NOW . The main attribute of Viton Tubing is its …

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26/1/2009· Re: The best material for HCL 20%. 01/08/2009 8:30 PM. You have a few options (without getting into really exotic alloys which aren''t needed in this case), in decreasing order of preference (depending on size and cost) Silicon cast iron: ASTM A861 (UNS F47003) PVDF lined pipe. CPVC piping.

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Appropriate for abrasive chemicals containing inorganic chemicals such as sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. * Hoses of this series have lower electric conductivity. Please avoid the use of chemicals that need measures against electrostatic discharge. 0969LF series : Almost every type of chemicals can be used, including abrasive and volatile substances. 0969F series: Almost …

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Acetic Acid Excellent Acetic Acid 20% Excellent Acetic Acid 80% Excellent Acetic Acid, Glacial Good Acetic Anhydride Good Acetone Excellent Acetyl Bromide No Data Acetyl Chloride (dry) Not Recommended Acetylene Excellent Acrylonitrile Not Recommended Adipic Acid Excellent up to 48oC Alcohols:Amyl Excellent Alcohols:Benzyl Good Alcohols:Butyl Excellent up to 48oC …

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manufacture of other chemicals and pharmaceuticals, refining and processing of sugars, synthetic rubber production, leather processing, pickling of metals, scale removing, metallurgical extraction processing and regeneration of ion resins. Hydrochloric acid can be handled, transported and stored without creating an undue threat to man and the environment, provided …

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PTFE lined hose with braided SS reinforcement is extremely flexible and versatile for use as a chemical hose. For example, our B-Flex and C-Flex PTFE hoses are ideal for low to high pressure and a wide range of temperatures. They are easy to drain and can handle a variety of chemical fluids, gases and granulates due to their chemically resistant properties. Best of all, …