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Available in hose and tubing sizes 1/8 to 2 in. and 3 to 50 mm; range of fractional and metric end connections. High pressure hoses available. Types: Metal hose, PTFE hose, PFA hose, vinyl hose, nylon hose, polyethylene hose, rubber core material hose; general-purpose hose, high purity hose, and vacuum hose and flexible tubing.

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Swagelok hose and flexible tubing products, used everywhere from semiconductor fabriion facilities to tire manufacturing plants and many industrial appliions in between, are designed to provide reliable service in a wide range of conditions. Our hose and tubing products are available in custom lengths, in diameters 2 inches and under, and with many types of end connections. …

ptfe-lined Manguera de PTFE Swagelok con malla de acero inoxidable (serie TH), 3 pies de longitud, 1/4 pulg NPT hera en la entrada, 1/4 pulg NPT macho en la salida, conectada al regulador: SS-TH4PM4PF4-36

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Warning: Do not mix/interchange Swagelok products or components not governed by industrial design standards, including Swagelok tube fitting end connections, with those of other manufacturers. PTFE Swagelok Tube Fitting, Reducing Union, 1/4 in. x 1/8 in. Tube OD

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When in doubt, use a carbon core PTFE hose. 2. Just because a hose dissipates static, it does NOT make it conductive – metal core vs PTFE carbon core. The electrical resistance in our example is 200 MILLION times higher in a non-conductive hose with a carbon core. 26

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PTFE is also less affected by weathering and water absorption but has a lower salt spray resistance. Swagelok offers a variety of fittings and tubing in PFA as well as ultrahigh purity PFA fittings. You can use Teflon or metal fittings with Swagelok PFA tubing. Please remeer that PFA tubing must be grooved for use with PFA tube fittings. Most Swagelok hoses are PTFE …

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Swagelok hoses are available in custom lengths, in diameters 2 inches and under, and with a wide variety of end connections. Convoluted 316L Stainless Steel Braided Hose is constructed of stainless steel for minimal permeation or absorption. The convoluted core allows for …

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Strong wear resistance, it has a wide range of appliions in material transportation. 5. The bending radius is small. Because the PU pipe is soft and has good elasticity, it is suitable for building pluing. 6. PU tube has high transparency, and the state of medium flow is clearly visible. Purpose of PU pipe: It is suitable for industry, agriculture, food, medicine, civil …

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PTFE, teflon ©-type, hose offers great flexibility, and can handle pressures up to 3500 psi. We also can supply this hose with a variety of end connections, because we fabrie them locally in San Diego. PTFE is a great choice because it is compatible with almost all media. There is only a short list of materials that do not work well with PTFE. If there''s any concern about static

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Swagelok PFA hose meets specifiions for clean room environments and a wide range of other sanitary appliions. PFA hose is highly flexible, with a smooth-bore PFA core that complies with FDA regulation 21CFR Part 177.1550, USP <87, 88> Class VI, and 3-A. An optional carbon black-filled PFA core is available for appliions that require static dissipation. Smooth inner wall …

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Labeling and packaging. Choose from self-adhesive labels, matte tags that are color coded, or Perma Tags with up to five lines of information and protected by a silicone gel and sleeve. Swagelok U series PFA hose also gives our customers economies of scale. The non-aging and chemical compatibility characteristics of the PFA coine with ultra

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For a Swagelok alloy 625 tube fitting and medium pressure tube fitting to function correctly, the nut and ferrules must be made from cold-drawn bar stock. This material has the strength necessary to grip to 625 tubing and to hold to the high working pressures listed in Swagelok Tubing Data and Swagelok Medium and High-Pressure Fittings and Adapters — Special Alloy …

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These unique nut and ferrule sets can be asseled to standard Swagelok tube fitting bodies to create an assely-by-torque tube fitting. Features. Assely by torque. Sizes: 1/4 in., 3/8 in., 1/2 in., 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm. Meets the requirements of NGV 3.1, ISO 15500, and ECE R110. For use on standard fittings and valve bodies as well

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Swagelok Hose and Flexible Tubing Installation and Use Guide, 10 Metal Hose FX Series Metal Hose, 11 FM Series Metal Hose, 16 FJ Series Metal Hose, 22 FL Series Metal Hose, 27 AH Series Metal Hose, 33 Metal Flexible Tubing Convoluted Metal Tubing, 37 Hybrid Hose FP Series Hybrid Hose, 42 Contents Fluoropolymer Hose T Series PTFE Hose, 45

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PTFE Tubing – Industrial and Heavy Wall Tubing – Series 101/201. Extruded PTFE tubing is a high temperature, chemical resistant tubing operating up to 500°F/260°C. Fluoroplastic tubing offers the best chemical and corrosion resistance of all Parflex tubing and meets AMS 3653 requirements. Configure. Viewing 10 of.

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Notifiion of Change . Swagelok’s Hose Service Group (HSG) is providing this update to the announcement posted in January 2019 (shown below) regarding changes to the PB series rubber hose and end connections to provide additional details regarding the dimensions of the end connections, the appearance of the hose, and the timing of the change.

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The PTFE material complies with FDA regulation 21CFR Part 177.1550 USP 88 Class VI, key for many sanitary appliions. The C series PTFE hose has a 300 stainless steel braid, protecting the core from abrasion, and an optional carbon black-filled PTFE core available for appliions that require static dissipation.

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Swagelok Singapore is your local Sales and Service Center for Swagelok products and services. Established in 1974, Swagelok Singapore is a fluid system solutions partner offering services and products manufactured by Swagelok. Our facility is superbly equipped with warehouse, cleanroom, training center and assely area to help you address day

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PFA Core Hose Smooth Bore. Swagelok PFA core hose has a smooth-bore core, an easy-to-clean surface, and meets FDA specifiions. Ideal for use in a wide range of sanitary appliions. PFA hose is highly flexible, with a smooth-bore PFA core that complies with FDA regulation 21CFR Part 177.1550, USP 87, 88 Class VI, and 3-A.

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19/11/2013· A short comparison of PEEK vs PTFE properties and this can be used as a guide to aid new product development. OEMs typically have to make a choice based on technical suitability, In a nutshell, appliions requiring strength and low levels of deformation would usually employ PEEK, whereas those requiring resistance to voltage or chemicals utilize …

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Achieve leak-tight performance with a robust tube grip and vibration resistance. The remarkable dependability of the Swagelok tube fitting has been proven with over 65 years of success, and has been documented in numerous published test reports, including those performed under extreme conditions.

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Swagelok offers a wide range of hose and flexible tubing products for a variety of fluid handling system needs. Hoses are available factory asseled or as individual components—bulk hose and end connections—ready for field assely. Core materials include stainless steel, PTFE, PFA, nylon, polyethelene, and Buna N rubber.

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SWAGELOK Quick Guide . Initial Assely of Tube Fittings . Up to 1 inch . 1. Fully insert the tube into the fitting and against the shoulder. 2. Rotate the Nut finger-tight. 3. Further tighten the nut until the tube will not turn by hand or move axially in the fitting. 4. Mark the nut at the 6 o’clock position. 5. While holding the fitting body steady, tighten the nut one and one-quarter

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A $1.8 billion, privately-held company, Swagelok Company designs, manufactures, and delivers an expanding range of the highest quality fluid system products and solutions. Our end-to-end quality system—from sourcing, raw materials and tooling to continuous improvement and predictive maintenance—helps ensure the consistent quality that customers expect.

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Custom Hose Assely . Our in-house hose assely facility is ready to service all your hose needs. At Swagelok Caridge we offer custom made hose asselies of Teflon, PFA, thermoplastic, and rubber hose available for immediate delivery. These hoses are available with a variety of end connections including pre-swaged nuts and ferrules and are

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T Series PTFE Hose, 283 B Series PTFE Hose, 289 X Series PTFE Hose, 291 S Series PTFE Hose, 293 C Series PTFE Hose, 295 N Series PTFE Hose, 297. 252 Hose, Quick-Connects, and Sample Cylinders HOSE / FLEXIBLE TUBING W Series PTFE Hose, 299 F Series PTFE Hose, 301 U Series PFA Hose, 303 PFA Tubing PFA Series PFA Tubing, 314 Vinyl Tubing LT …

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Rubber-core, Rayon-fiber Reinforced Hose. PB series multi-purpose push-on rubber hose is ozone-resistant and has a smooth-bore Buna N core. An internal fiber reinforcement enhances the hose pressure rating and ensures connection retention in …

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Hose and Flexible Tubing Hose Asselies, Bulk Hose, Flexible Tubing, and End Connections Core materials include metal, PTFE, PFA, vinyl, nylon, polyethylene, and rubber Nominal hose sizes 1/8 to 2 in. Wide range of fractional and metric end connections Custom lengths available Optional covers, tagging, and testing

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Some Swagelok hoses are constructed with carbon black-filled nylon, PTFE, or PFA core material for static dissipation. The intent of a hose being static dissipative is to alleviate any static charge that may build as fluid flows through the hose. So, if your fluid system generates a static charge, you want to use a hose with a conductive metal core, or a PTFE, PFA, or Nylon core …

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5/4/2020· PTFE Back Ferrule Fittings is used where wear and abrasion resistance is required, and is merged in the company of fair resistance to common oxidation and corrosion. TEFLON Tube End Closure Fittings are being used for various appliions such as in pipeline transportation of fluids that are coined in the company of solids like gravel, coal or sand. …