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PN2 CLEAR PVC SUCTION HOSE PN2 is a lightweight and flexible, high quality PVC hose specially designed for suction or transfer appliions where visual flow is preferred. It has a smooth bore and an external rigid PVC helix. 1-1/2" to 6" diameters. -4F to 150F.

Darley Pumps | UHP-HV® Ultra High Pressure-High Volume

The UHP-HV® (Ultra High Pressure-High Volume) module offers the best of both worlds for the wildland-urban interface. Darley has coined our versatile direct-drive 2BE pump and the 7CP high pressure piston pump to meet all your firefighting needs in one compact package. The main pump can be used for water transfer or for 11/2” hose for structural attacks while the …

Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Equipment Buying Guide

This UHP Ultra High Pressure Water-Jet Blasting Equipment Package is a ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 special build available in our hire fleet. This system is mounted in a modified shipping container for ease of transport and safety onsite. This unit is ideal for use with 1-2 guns, Deck stripper or Ship-side Crawler unit. 40,000 psi, 34 litres per minute; Diesel Powered; Zone 2 Rated – …

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Ultra High Pressure Systems. 10 PERCENT. Use 10% of the water, with 10% of the water damage. Pyro UHP equipment can minimize fire AND water damage. New threats. New weapons. Temperatures are higher. Budgets are smaller. Fires are burning faster. You need Ultra High Pressure Systems and strategies to win this war. Watch the demo. Key Products. Light …

Ultra High Pressure Firefighting Technology - Fire Engineering

Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Jetting Systems. The key component of all UHP blasting systems is the UHP pump which is expected to deliver pressures ranging from 6,000 psi (415 Bar) to 40,000 psi (2800 Bar). That coupled with power ratings up to 1,000 horsepower (735 kW) means these pumps need to be solidly constructed and durable.

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Model DL-300 Pump, Ultra High Pressure Pump The DL-300 Ultra High Pressure Pump is one of the most powerful water jet pumps on the market. It offers the customer a huge choice of pressures and flows of the following at 1800 rpm: 3,000 bar @ 51.00 l/min (43,000 psi @ 13.50 gpm) 2,600 bar @ 63.00 l/min (37,000 psi @ 16.60 gpm)

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High Pressure Pump Units. Doornbos Equipment offer a variety of high pressure water jetting units, with pressures up to 1000 bar (15,000psi). Our high pressure pumps can be used in industrial cleaning, for a variety of purposes such as tank cleaning, bundle cleaning and concrete demolition. The water flow at 1000 bar varies between 54 ltrs/min

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Flojet Triplex 03526-144 Pressure Pump 12v DC (Santoprene/EPDM) 11 L/Min Max with Bypass Introducing our newest line of automatic water system pumps. The triplex diaphragm series features models that deliver a maximum of 2.9 gpm (11 lpm) flow and a amximum of 50 psi (3.4 bar) of pressure, this pump has an internal bypass so it cannot be

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An ultra high pressure pump comprising a servo motor coupled to a piston having a head arranged within a cylinder to define a pumping chaer, whereby the servo motor rotation causes reciprocal displacement of the piston to pressurise fluid in the pumping chaer to pressures greater than 50,000 psi, the servo motor having a feedback loop coupled to a computer, the …

KMT Waterjet ultra high pressure 90,000psi pumps & nozzles

For decades, KMT has manufactured water jet ultra high pressure intensifier pumps (UHP) with water pressurized up to 90,000 PSI | 6.200 bar. Our products are efficient and reliable, whether is it pure water cutting heads or abrasive waterjet pumps, KMT products are easier to maintain with no effect of heat on the products being cut. Our line of waterjet intensifier pumps, pure water …

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Crimped Thermoplastic UHP Hose Fittings, 8X Series. Parker Polyflex High Pressure 8X Fittings are designed to perfectly match Parker High and Ultra High Pressure hoses, providing long service life and highest safety standards. Suitable for hydraulic hose types with working pressure from 42 up to 103.4 MPa. 93 Parts. Viewing 10 of 93.

High pressure Water Jetting Process (HP Water Jetting

In the HP water jetting process, flushing water is pumped from a water tank by means of a high pressure pump through a hose with a cleaning nozzle at the end. The cleaning nozzle is equipped with holes into which are nozzle inserts, which beam the fast flowing water jets and direct them at the pipe walling. This causes a reaction force at the nozzle, which, in the first …

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Ultra High Thermoplastic Pressure Hose Asselies. With pressure ranging from 20,000 to 55,000 psi, these ultra high pressure hoses give years of service. Typical appliions are waterblasting steel pipe, hydrodemolition, oil field snubbing, or chemical injection. Construction is of polyamide core tube and outer cover with high tensile

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NLB specializes in high-pressure and ultra-high pressure water jet technology (pressures up to 40,000 psi). We are a leading innovator in the design and appliion of water jetting equipment, with quality and reliability that ensure maximum up-time. NLB maintains rental fleets in Michigan, New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas, California, Washington, and Indiana. In addition, NLB rental …

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Eco-Tech (Max Emulsion) Chemical Disinfectant. UC Nano Aqua-Tech Disinfectant. UC Virus Safe-Tech Disinfectant. Promotion. Contact Us. SPEEDO MARINE. A one-stop provider for Ship Blasting, Shipyard Spray Painting, Construction, Diaphragm Pumps in Chemical Industries, and Measuring & Inspection requirements. SPEEDO MARINE.

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Ensure you receive a high capacity dual element air cleaner and a unit which is up to 20% lighter than other pumps. Furthermore, the High Performance Fire Pump produces up to 65% greater pressure with more than 32% more water being able to flow at 100psi (6.9 Bar). The unit can work in tandem at more than 400psi (28 Bar) and comes with a 5 Year

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BE Pressure Supply Limited. Shop By egory Over 17,800 products | See All egories. Try our Flip Book alogue. Pressure Cleaners - Cold. Pressure Cleaners - Hot. Pressure Cleaners - Diesel. Jetters. Pressure Cleaners - Exotic.

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B.A.R. Group Pty Ltd is a young company established in 2004 in Australia. We are industry specialists in the pressure washer and industrial high pressure pump markets. We guarantee the most comprehensive range of Pressure Cleaner equipment in Australia.


High pressure water jetting systems consist of an energy source like an electric motor or internal coustion engine, a pump, control mechanism, hoses, pipes, nozzles and various other components necessary for the equipment to function as a system. Common hazards and risks include the water jet piercing the skin, being hit by flying debris and exposure to noise. Other …

1000 bar - 14500 psi - cold water high pressure aggregate

Cold water ultra high pressure aggregate 4 cyl. 4 stroke turbo diesel engine 45 kw 3 cyl. inline plunger pump 18 l/min / 4.8 gal/min (brass pump head, ceramic plungers) motor/pump rpm 1450 1/min - slowly running machine, tooth belt drive electric start water storage tank, float lever operated water feeding pump protects high pressure pump from

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Ultra High Pressure valves are available in 1/4", 3/8" and 9/16" O.D. tubing sizes and four patterns to satisfy widely varied requirements. A line of fittings is available to facilitate adapting to High Pressure systems. 100,000 and 150,000 psi Valves. Fittings. Tubing. Coned and Threaded Nipples. Connection Details.

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WOMA Australia. WOMA Australia are proud to supply ultra high pressure pumps, water jetting equipment, and other high pressure water solutions. With over 35 years’ experience in the Australian market, and trusted distributors of top brand products including Dietmar Kaiser, StoneAge and hazardous areas solutions, look no further for all of your industrial high …

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DEN-JET CD160 Cold Water Diesel Open Frame Ultra High Waterblaster in 2 configurations … 36,000psi @ 25 Litres per minute suited for surface preparation; 20,000psi @ 42 Litres per minute suited for concrete demolition; Standard accessories incl. with each machine: 20m high pressure hose; Trigger operated dump gun; Barrel Lance with side handle; Nozzle Carrier with …

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Safe Use of Ultra-High-Pressure Waterjetting by Lloyd Smith SSPC Visual Standards Update 2003: A Picture is Worth aThousand Words by Aimée Beggs and Michael Damiano The Effects of UHP Waterjetting on Concrete Moisture Levels by Todd A. Shawver Equipment Maintenance: Getting Ultra-High Performance from your UHP Hose by Paul Webster and Stephen Johns …

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The highly accessible and long-life high-pressure pump 70Y has a compact construction and a low weight. Learn More EcoMaster MK3. The EcoMaster MK3 is a compact powerhouse for the cleaning and maintenance of large civil projects and industrial plants, and it is used with many other appliions throughout industry, construction and municipal services. This ultra-high …

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ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE PUMP – Engine Driven. Brief . The high pressure unit produces fine mist at 100 bar which greatly increases cooling and extinguishing properties of water. Water consumption is drastically reduced and extinguishing operation accelerated. The revolutionary technology decreases the fire knock down time drastically. Features. Available in 100 Bar and …

The Fundamentals of High, Ultra & Extreme High Vacuum

What is the definition of high, ultra and extreme high vacuum? The pressure range of XHV is usually defined as 10-12 ar and lower, while UHV is between 10-7 and 10-12 ar, and HV between 10-7 and 10-3 ar. XHV is associated with the levels found in outer-space in the form of geo-stationary orbiting satellites, UHV with high-energy physics and nuclear research, such …

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The Aussie Ultra high pressure water blaster, sometimes called the “lethal weapon” is claimed by Australian Pump Industries to be both fuel efficient and …

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The advantages of the UHPS ultra-high pressure system. UHPS in operation: car fire. Large throw range: extinguishing from a safe distance (>10 m) 70 m active radius (60 m hose, 10 m throw range) Easy hose handling: only approx. 7 kg weight with full water fill at 60 m. Perfect hot spot destruction: Volumes of 38 l/min and 100 bar of pressure

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With over 60 years experience in the high pressure water jetting industry, Hammelmann, founded in Germany in 1949, has established a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. Hammelmann Australia is dedied to offering customers a complete solution and supplies an extensive range of ultra high and high pressure water pumps, hoses, accessories, and …